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TWB is Dwell! Cruise Line Updates Norwegian Royal Caribbean Carnival Aidanova Arson Updates

TWB is Dwell! Cruise Line Updates Norwegian Royal Caribbean Carnival Aidanova Arson Investigation updates Cruise information now, NCL now gives airfare specials to Uk home to just take a cruise this coming year out of ports in Europe. This is a significant deal to get travellers booked on NCL ships. Navigator of the Seas has been fixed in Vigo Spain and is resuming it is 10 working day cruise but with a diminished itinerary. The hole in the hull was closed and all h2o was pumped out of the ship in Vigo Spain. The Aidanova cruise ship is stuck in port awaiting the all obvious from arson investigators in the Netherlands. The ship has cancelled it is sea trials, and has cancelled 4 cruises that have been intended to promote the ship’s arrival in Hamburg on Dec 2nd 2018 for it is first official cruise. The Carnival owned cruise line is compensating travellers for the cancelled cruise and for airline cancellation costs that may be incurred. Hurt to the ship is anticipated to be in the thousands and thousands of bucks as two individual fires have been established in two different cabins and took just about 3 hrs to set out. #norwegian #navigatoroftheseas #aidanova



  1. Thanks Bruce Bruce 🤓👍🏾

  2. They still have midnight buffets and with ice carvings on journey cruises. I board one for 15 days 14 nights on Nov. 3rd om breeze I'll take video and post to your page. I watch you daily but can never join in as always have a little grandkid question? Remember the woman who fell off ship(she jumped) serviced unheard of ammount ot tine and found in great shape.. what's come of that and her fight with boyfriend b4 it happened?? Any update?

  3. what's wrong with Norwegian why r they here in Bahamas port

  4. Bruce, interesting today, Serenade of the Seas came into Bermuda channel this morning as if they were going to berth at Kings Wharf, then made a 180 degree turn suddenly in the Channel and went back out of the channel to sea, and is now southbound enroute to St Maarten!! Very very strange. According to itinerary, they are way off schedule. Interested…. Also, NCL Breakaway couldn’t make it into berth on Hudson River this past weekend, sat in anchorage for hours and apparently didn’t share much info with concerned pax. What a month!


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