Miami Cruises

Fascination Cruise Ship leaving Miami Seaside

Spectacular check out of two Cruises crossing each and every other in the Bay.
On back, Downtown Miami



  1. WOW you got ADHD or something? :OOOOOOO

  2. i worked as waiter exactly on this ship, even the bar college i passed here…how is it? go and try, otherwise u will never believe….sometimes its fun, sometimes it makes u wanna jump overboard, it depends on u, how u can handle the situation: u get romm big like my bathroom back home, u live there six-seven months with somebody u´ve seen first in your life, u work 10hours a day 7 days a week… and how much u get depends on guest u serve…. good school for future life :D:D i swear!

  3. i work'd on that ship


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