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Cruise Ship Crashes at Barcelona Port

The Port of Barcelona is just one the busiest in the globe and also is a key cruise hub for all of Europe. So when a two,200 passenger cruise-ferry collides into the pier and crane, then it is truly worth informing visitors about.

There are numerous reviews of the Excellent cruise-ferry which was arriving in Barcelona from Genoa, Italy previously when management of the ship was lost because of to bad climate. The vessel crashed into just one of the dock crane head on, and as a consequence just one of the big cranes collapsed onto the containers down below.

When the crane fell onto the containers, there was also an explosion, and a hearth broke out. This could have transpired from the components which were within just some of the containers. Regional emergency companies together with hearth crews managed to extinguish the hearth.

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  1. As an Officer I'm very sad for that!I have very Good friends on that company!

  2. This is not a Cruise Ship but a Cruise Ferry owned by GNV!

  3. He taught he was playing GTA…. Hit and run case here….

  4. welp, insurance gonna blow

  5. More importantly, was there any injuries or fatalities?

  6. Strike

  7. Thanks for posting… Busy day at Barcelona Ports! When did it happen?


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