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Couple statements mystery digital camera was aimed at mattress on Carnival Cruise

Chris and Dana White informed “Within Version” that they learned a recording unit hidden in their stateroom on a Carnival Cruise.

A Florida few is recalling a distressing encounter on a Carnival Cruise just after locating a hidden digital camera pointing at their mattress.

In an interview set to air Monday, Chris and Dana White informed Within Version that they learned a recording unit hidden between Tv set wires in their stateroom last October on the Carnival Fantasy, a three-day Caribbean cruise departing from Cell, Alabama.

“I claimed, ‘Is that what I assume it is?’ ” Chris White claimed. “And she appeared at it and she grew to become involved. And we ended up just seriously flabbergasted that you can find a digital camera in the room and it is really plugged up and it is really functioning.”

The few referred to as Carnival safety and made use of their cellphone to film an employee who inspected and disassembled the unit. “I was wondering, ‘I won’t be able to feel this is in fact taking place to us,’ ” he claimed.

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  3. This definitely seems highly suspicious and a bit reminiscent of Chuck Berry. Please do an update.

  4. Oh, plzzz if it was up to record, what do you think it was doing?! Recording those people's private moments, it wont be the first time this has happened to innocent people!😒😡

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