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My 17-working day land tour of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia.

The tour starts off off in Johannesburg. From there I pay a visit to the cash in Pretoria. Next up is Soweto and the residences of Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Right after a flight to Botswana I devote two times on animal safaris in Chobe Countrywide Park.

Next it’s a short drive to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe where I pay a visit to the earth well known Victoria Falls, trip an elephant by way of the bush, just take a sunset cruise down the mighty Zambezi River, pay a visit to a primitive village and regional school.

I fly to northern South Africa subsequent where I devote three times on animal safari in Kruger Countrywide Park.

Next I fly to Cape Town for the final 6 evenings of my trip. I devote the initial two evenings on a wine estate from where I take a look at the cities of Stellenbosch and Franschhoek. I devote the last 4 evenings of the trip in downtown Cape Town. From right here I trip the cable car to the major of Table Mountain, pay a visit to Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprissoned, just take a scenic drive to the Cape of Great Hope where the Atlantic and Indian Oceans meet, take pleasure in the lively V&A Waterfront and pay a visit to the Kirstenbosch Countrywide Botanical Garden.

Note: Prior to arriving in Africa I expended many times in Dubai. Viewing this video with each other with my Dubai video (@ paperwork my full trip.

:00:44 Johannesburg, South Africa
:02:09 Pretoria, South Africa
:13:31 Soweto, South Africa
:23:55 South African Airways flight to Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
:32:03 Chobe Safari Lodge (Botswana)
:38:35 Chobe Countrywide Park (Sport Safari)
1:03:02 Chobe River Cruise (Sport Safari)
1:22:15 Impressive African Sunset
1:twenty five:43 The Victoria Falls Lodge
1:28:24 Victoria Falls
1:34:32 Victoria Falls Helicopter Flight
1:forty two:forty five Wild Horizons Elephant Trip
1:53:06 Cheetah Face
1:58:00 Ko Mpisi Village
two:03:49 Zambezi Sunset River Cruise
two:18:06 African Bush Dinner (Leisure)
two:23:07 The town of Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe
two:28:23 Chinotimba Govt University
two:35:12 Zambia
two:forty two:08 Get there Kruger Mpumalanga Worldwide Airport
two:forty five:48 Protea Lodge Kruger Gate
two:forty seven:forty seven Kruger Countrywide Park (Sport Drives)
three:28:32 Leisure & Dinner
three:34:36 Kruger Mpumalanga Worldwide Airport
three:37:24 Airlink Flight to Cape Town
three:53:38 The Village at Spier (Wine Estate)
four:00:fourteen Stellenbosch, South Africa
four:06:28 Simons Mountains
four:08:forty Drakenstein Jail
four:12:forty two Franschhoek, South Africa
four:22:35 Cape Town, South Africa
four:26:01 Table Mountain (Cable Car or truck)
four:38:03 Cape Town, South Africa
four:52:58 Cullinan Lodge
four:55:02 Robben Island (Exactly where Nelson Mandela was Imprisoned)
5:09:37 Start off Push to Cape Issue
5:11:34 Camps Bay
5:fourteen:43 Hout Bay
5:18:28 Chapman’s Peak
5:22:fifty nine Noordhoek Beach
5:twenty five:28 Cape Issue Ostrich Farm
5:29:57 Cape of Great Hope
5:37:forty Cape Issue
5:49:57 Boulders Penguin Colony
5:fifty six:44 Simon’s Town, South Africa
6:01:52 Cape Town, South Africa
6:06:19 Kirstenbosch Countrywide Botanical Garden
6:17:18 Victoria Wharf
6:27:46 Cape Town Worldwide Airport




  1. I bless the rains down in Africa

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  3. Only a red person would say these things in this video 6:57 minutes. Nice try, and a slick one too, listeners don't be fooled, mandela and his friends could only say that because they were reduced to just that. If you spend 27 years of your life in prison and was drugged and was beaten and was lied and was reduce to the thinking of a child what else would you say. The red people who control the narrative always try to let brown skin people submit and say forgive and forgot or whatever else; yet still these same oppressors have not apologize for the holocaust that THEY have brought on brown skin people all over the planet, instead (this is for brown skin people) of wasting your time watching this trash watch "The Age of UN-Reason –Why People Just Don't Think" and invest your time into something more worthy.

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